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Per our 501(c)3 application, the MSi Foundation is public charity with the mission to serve the community & users of the Foundation, to leveraging technology across initiatives such as education, employment, scientific research, and environment.

The Foundation intends not only to support other non-profit & governmental organizations that engage and expand MSi ecosystem, but also to donate wisely and safely to causes we care about and to other non-profit groups after making sure that we truly understand the type of organization that we are giving to and verify that it’s a legitimate non-profit.​

If you want to help us achieve these goals and help us promoting equality and contributing to a better society and to a better world, here are ways you can do so.



Donating is a helpful way to support the Foundation. We have set up a special contract account to handle all Ether & Bitcoin donations. All funds received are visible on the blockchain (via Etherscan) for anyone to see.

Also, when you donate you get MSi utility tokens (1 MSi = 1$) and Bee royalty tokens (10,000 MSi = 1 Bee). Indeed, as a playful way to thank the donors and honor our partners, members and friends, we created a token on the ethereum blockchain called Bee.

About Bees


  • The Bee's the mascot of the Foundation. It symbolizes community, brightness and personal power. Bees are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity since Ancient times. Charms in the shape of a honey bee are said to be good luck for attracting wealth.

  • After any donation over 10,000 MSi Tokens a brand new Bee will be sent to the donation address.

  • If you send donations through exchanges or payment services, the Bee will be sent to their address and only they can retrieve it for you (they probably won’t do it for you). So if you want the Butterfly, please make sure you send it from an address that you directly and fully control.

  • Bee are actually fun tokens with de minimis value (no cash equivalent or redeemable value).

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Before you donate, we want to make sure you know a few important things...

  • Use of Donations: Donations are used for general purposes to support the Foundation. If you want your donation to be used for specific Foundation-supported work, you would need to contact the Foundation at and receive written confirmation that the designated donation is possible before you donate.

  • Tax deductible contribution: Our Donor Advised Fund empowers donors & sponsors (incl. Tesla Duo Group Ltd) to craft a charitable gifting plan that provides the upfront benefit of a tax receipt with the ability to disburse the gift over time to a variety of causes. We allow for philanthropists to remain anonymous should they choose or work with the Trade Pharma Foundation to create a promotion around their donations.

  • No cancellations, changes or refunds: Before completing your donations, it is very important that you check and double check the address, the amount and other information you provide. We are sorry but we cannot accept requests to cancel, change or refund donations.

  • Illegal Funds: The Foundation cannot and does not accept funds that have been illegally obtained or that would otherwise be judged to damage the reputation or integrity of the Foundation. By accepting this important rule before donating, you confirm that to the best of your knowledge, the donation comes from a legal source and is compliant with the tax laws of your applicable jurisdiction.

  • Security: For online donations through the blockchain, your transaction would be securely pushed through to the address you provide. The security of your transaction would depend on your safe keeping over your private keys and proper security practices with your computer. Please remember that the blockchain is decentralized so you must be very careful with inputting the address. If you send currency to the wrong address, there is no centralized bank or other authority that can retrieve that currency for you.

  • Handling of personal information: Any personal information provided by donors will be kept strictly confidential. The information is used only to process transactions and for Foundation audit purposes. To the extent permissible by law, we would not disclose the information or use it for any other purposes.

If you want to donate, please follow the following instructions below:

For Ether & Bitcoin donations:

Please use the wallet address (QR Codes ; Key) below for the transfer:


For information about larger donations, please contact us.

For Fiat (money) donations:

If you want to contribute with traditional currency, please contact us.

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(and you can get the MSi & Bee Tokens!)

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