Our core solution
The Elena MSI™
Your trustful giving platform

We believe in empowering people to better connect with the causes they care about by creating a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Blockchain technologies based plat-form.


The Elena MSI™ solution enables the algorithmically matching of Organizations and Donors using AI and decentralized payment system with the lowest fees available, globally.

For Organizations:

Manage your own-fundraising

You can seamlessly manage your fundraising through your account.


Gain exposure

Be exposed to thousands of donors who use Elena MSI™ every day.


Save money

No setup or ongoing fees, no commission and the lowest transaction fees available.


Receive a premium support

If you need a hand, our support team are always happy to help, if the need should arise.


Donations to a large variety of causes

Select from thousands of local & regional & international causes which are helping the community.

Donation management

Manage your donations and account details through your account.


Secure giving

We use the highest security standards through a decentralized payment system.


Lowest fees

We keep fees to a minimum so that more of your donation goes to the cause you care about.

For Donors:

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New York, New York 10065, USA

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