Our Environmental Sustainability activities
Innovative & Technological Solutions

MSi seeks through its Innovation & Technology (I&T) program to bring solutions to a lots of environmental issues and by means of partnerships with many of the world’s leading scientists, think tanks, and NGOs with the aim to develop a new vision for the future, one in which humanity and the natural world coexist in harmony.​

The MSi's partening with ​Tesla Duo Group to develop a new vision for the future, one in which humanity & the natural world coexist in harmony.

Innovation: The MSi funds global clean energy deployment, and roadmaps to greatly expand the protection of intact wilderness, and marine reserves worldwide. 

Technology: The MSi seeks to scale the most important breakthroughs in environmental technology given the technological advancements such as web and mobile Apps, cloud computing, mapping and monitoring, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, remote sensing and big data processing, decision-making algorithms, DNA detection, peer-to-peer finance, solar and battery storage, and many other innovations. In the environmental sector the application of these new disruptive technologies is still in its nascence.​

By the end of the century more than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities, creating an unprecedented opportunity to provide clean water, healthy food, and sustainable livelihoods for all people, while protecting our natural resources and ensuring the planet upon which all depends can survive and thrive in the 21st century.  

Through the core of the (I&T) program, we seek to ensure the resilience of our planet through the following strategy:

          - 100% clean, renewable energy access
          - conservation of 50% of our lands and oceans
          - shift to regenerative, carbon-negative agriculture 

Achieving these three goals will take a monumental effort, innovative technologies, and a new way of seeing and understanding nature and the built environment. But the science tells us that not only can we accomplish this, we must, if we are to stay below the dangerous global warming tipping point of 2°C.

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